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June Report: Shaky Butt, UTU, and Cosmic Shooter


This month before presentations we had two quick announcements:

  • A new book about Unity network programming in Japanese will be released on 6/19, get it on Amazon.
  • Tribal Siege, presented at Tokyo Indies long ago as a Greenlight project, is in Early Access! Check it out on Steam.

The first game up is Shaky Butt, an in development rhythm game by AureliaX0 with music by Rekcahdam. Your goal is to travel around the galaxy and win Simon-Says style dance matches.

Next up, ksym showed off UTU, a mobile rythm game he released recently, and his in-development title Karate Stairs. The basic idea of UTU is to take everything modern mobile music games do and do the opposite. For Karate Stairs, the game is about enjoying throwing a ragdoll model down a flight of stairs. He also showed off some of his previous games and other projects; you can check them all out at his homepage.

Next up Warlitz showed off Cosmic Shooter, a free PC shooting game with mouse controls he released recently. Right click to set the gravity anchor for your ship and left click to shoot. There are a variety of powerups and enemies to interact with - give it a look!

The last presentation was about Made With Unity, a site featuring overviews of games made with Unity and interviews with their creators.

That was it for this month - catch you next time! 🎮