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August Tokyo Indies


As summer nears its end devs and folk gathered in Shibuya for another Tokyo Indies. Read on to learn what games were shown this month!

Kara Stone's Ritual of the Moon is a game you play five minutes a day for twenty-eight days. A witch banished to the moon reflects on her life on earth and decides whether her former home is worth saving.

Sea's Fragment of Marine is a "circle action" game where your character runs along rails and careful timing and mode switching are the key to solving puzzles.

Kotarou Dendaira's Home coming is a visual novel where when and how you save affects the story and the final ending.

Arcane Circus's Kaijack: Card Attack! is a game combining elements of poker and blackjack with city-destroying giant monsters.

Azumagoro's ReRotation combines elements of monster collection and digital card games to create a strategic battle experience.

The Space Backyard's Roots in the Soil is a game about two protagonists in different worlds. Which one you see to the end is decided just by changing your point of view - literally.

That was it for this month's Tokyo Indies! Catch you again next month. 🎮