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July Report


Despite the heat this was a busy month at Tokyo Indies, with a total of seven presentations.

First up was "void LINK", a casual 3D strategy VR game inspired by Homeworld in development by Zentrifuge Games. The presentation included a demo battle and showed off the ship constructor!

Next up was Gray Grofa, an in development MSX puzzle shooter from TPM.CO Soft Works.

Senka presented a YouTube channel about Unity Shaders and Fruit Pincher, a submission to the Japan Game Awards.

Kazushige Mori presented Captulion, an iOS vertical shooter where you can capture enemy ships and make them into allies - including bosses!

Veltina presented the latest updates on the development of Wish Dragon+. He also showed off his game jam game Yokoi-san Warp and Extrival, an in-development fighting game.

Nimu presented Darkness Sweeper, a roguelike without traditional movement, as well as his next project, Darkness Duel.

Explore by tapping on the dark squares and find the ladder to go to the next floor!

Finally Yoshi of Studio Muma presented the in-development PC game Yume Monogatari ("Dream Story"). Explore a mysterious world full of strange characters.

That was it for this month, catch you next time! 🎮