November Tokyo Indies


This month at Tokyo Indies we had robots, sushi, and strange birds - read on for more details!

First Makoto Goto announced the 7th Serious Games Jam. The theme this year is "Acessibility for Everybody", and the jam will be held in Jinbocho in December.

Alvin Phu, founder of Tokyo Indies, talked about how he integrated the Mightier platform, designed to teach children emotional control, into his game Peko Peko Sushi.

Takumi Wada presented his game Upside Down based on the theme of "reversal". By switching between day and night you can capture oni and make them your teammates. The game is designed to let you experience by turns the horror of running from a powerful monster and the power of crushing helpless foes.

Ichijo showed off Demolition Robots KK, a multiplayer game where instead of fighting directly giant robots compete to destroy the most buildings.

Horou-sama presented 朝はどこ ("Where is the Morning"), a post apocalyptic hack-and-slash action game developed with the goal of being relaxing.

Finally Yoshiro Kimura of Onion Games gave a post mortem of their recently released Black Bird. A shooting game with deeply integrated music, he talked about the difficulty of coordinating composition and level design and went into some detail on the unique tools they developed.

That was it for this month's Tokyo Indies - catch you next time! 🎮