Tokyo Indies May 2019


This month we had horrible mutant worms, wireframe enemies, cute blocks, and a taxi ride - read on for details!

First up the next Dennou Tokku was announced. It'll be held on Saturday, June 15 at Aoyama Hachi, the same location as last time.

Wurmz by UE Games is a retro-styled endless runner where you play a horrible nuclear waste devouring worm that eats people.

Zion by Astero is a shump you can play on Facebook. The controls are simplified you can play just one finger.

Yugo Puzzle by Qrostar is a block-pushing puzzle with gravity where the blocks stick together.

Bird of Passage by Space Backyard is a game about a conversation between a traveller who has returned to Tokyo after a long time and their taxi driver. But Tokyo isn't the city we know...

That was all for this month, join us again next time! 🎮