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June Tokyo Indies


This month devs gathered again for Tokyo Indies, showing off battle systems and grass cutting and more. Read on for details!


First up Studio Muma introduced the battle system of Yume Monogatari, showing off special attacks and brand new animations you can check out in the video above.

Next up jnhtt showed off his Grass Cut Race, a cart racer for smartphones. In addition to fine-tuned cart action, driving the same route allows you to go faster on subsequent laps since the grass is gone, adding an element of planning.

Team Origami showed off their recently released Kamiori, a game about folding a world like paper to create platforms and have other effects on the game world.

Gudouan showed off their puzzle action horror game Kwaidan. While it was comlete the last time it was shown at Tokyo Indies a year and a half ago, when the framework it used stopped working on Windows 10 Gudouan decided to rewrite it in Unity. Development has completed and the game was released on PS4 on June 15th!

TPM Soft Works introduced Tarotica Voo Doo's "Hell Mode", an even harder mode "for those brave warriors who wield perfect control of their swords."

That was it for this month's Tokyo Indies, see you again next month! 🎮