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July Tokyo Indies


Despite the blazing heat we had another good crowd this month for Tokyo Indies. This month's games included nattou, journeys through space, and a jumpless platformer - read on for the details!

Mysteries await in Cerluean Moon

First up Gon Okuda presented Nattou Shooter, a game where you have to shoot nattou onto plates and then put it on rice. Plates have different movement patterns, and smaller plates can be worth more points.

Next up SquashSesame showed off Pulsars, a game made for the 2017 Global Game Jam. You have to navigate a spaceship to the exit point, programming planets and adjusting their gravitational fields to help the ship avoid objects and move in the right direction.

Last up NachoBeard shared Cerulean Moon, a mobile platformer where you can't jump. To make the game enjoyable on mobile platforms, rather than implementing a virtual direction pad, Cerulean Moon lets you tap to move left or right. Despite the lack of jumping the game still has plenty of timing puzzles and secrets.

That was it for this month's Tokyo Indies, catch you next month! 🎮