December Tokyo Indies


As winter sets in we gathered for the last Tokyo Indies of 2018. This time we had RPGs, a technical talk, kingdom building, and a mysterious desert. Read on to learn more!

First up Nanyon presented TriTrust 3, the latest in an RPG series he's been working on for some years. His goals with this game are to make the game systems as transparent as possible, providing strategic challenge without being stressful. He's posted links to in-progress builds on his Twitter if you're interested.

The battle screen provides plenty of data for you to work with.

Nathan introduced the open-source game engine Godot and talked about using it to develop an RPG called GDQuest.

A battle screen from GDQuest.

Takada of Wonderland Kazakiri gave a brief introduction to their game Block Quest Maker and then discussed the technical merits of MessagePack. Block Quest Maker allows you to create dungeons and share them with your friends, and MessagePack is used on the backend to send data between servers compactly.

Puzzle and Monarch is a recent released puzzle game for iOS by Nobuyuki Nishiyama. You have thirty seconds to build a peaceful countryside out of tiles while trying to earn maximum points. It's free so definitely give it a look!

Finally Matt Smith of Friend and Foe presented Vane. Vane was presented at Tokyo Indies a few years ago and will be released in January. Matt talked about the difficulties of development and what you should prioritize.

That was it for this month's Tokyo Indies - catch you next month! 🎮