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August Report


Before presentations this month there was one special announcement - Digi Game Expo still has a few spaces open and is recruiting staff, so check that out if you're available.

First up Makoto Goto gave a presentation about the Fukushima Game Jam. After his younger brother lost his house in the tragedy at Fukushima, he wanted to do what he could to support reconstruction efforts through game development. Since then the Fukushima Game Jam has grown to have locations all around the world. This year's event will be held this weekend, and while the main venue in Fukushima is full many venues are still accepting applicants - check the site for a full list!

Bitslap from Sweden presented Frog Tale, a game he's been working on since 2014. Using just two buttons - jump left and jump right - you play a frog on a great journey.


Kaho Abe from New York presented several of her physical games using unique controllers and play styles. She also demonstrated her game Shake It Up, where you shake a soda can and try to pick it up before the other players, but not too fast.

Liam Edwards, formerly of Rockstar Games, showed off Salaryman Suzuki-san, his in-development game about a salaryman getting to work on his first day. There were lasers.

That was it for this month! Next month is TGS - get ready! 🎮