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February Report: Crystals of Azaria, Last Standard, and Missileman


Thanks to everyone who came to this event ♥♥♥!

We started out with some announcements. First, the Tokyo Game Music Show will be held Saturday, February 25 at Ariake Differ, featuring performances and releases by both experienced and new composers.

In April, the Smartphone Game Festival will be held near Jimbocho station on the 15th and 16th. It's similar to other events like DigiGame Festa but focused specifically on smartphone games.

Yahya Danboos showed off his in-development VR game Crystals of Azaria, a fantasy adventure game designed around the limitations of movement in VR. As you navigate a deadly maze, stepping in the wrong place deals you damage before you would bump into the physical limits of your VR space.

Next up was Last Standard, a third-person action game where your characters abilities are based on analyzing the text of your Twitter account or a short personality quiz. There's some English coverage of the game here.

Finally, Game or Die presented Missileman, their game about a man on a rocket dodging robots and the environment. It's available on iOS and Android.

That was all for this month, catch you next time! 🎮