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October Tokyo Indies


This month had another bunch of great games for Tokyo Indies. Many of our presenters will have booths at DigiGame Expo on 11/12, so be sure to check it out!

A sample of the games from this month.

Ken Tanigami-Christen and S. Elliot Perez showed off enen, a music puzzle game that's releasing soon on iOS.

Studio Muma presented on Yume Monogatari. Since first showing it a few months ago it's begun a crowdfunding campaign on Makuake - check it out!

Re:Arium presented Black Knight, a game where chess pieces protect earth from invading aliens.

Orange presented uvu: yoU Vs Universe, a mobile shmup clicker where your ship grows in size from tiny to larger than the Earth!

Veltina showed off several recent projects, including GoToSeven's soft real time platformer Pandoraid.

Finally Yoshiro Kimura showed off his whack-a-mole style game Million Onion Hotel.

That was all this month - catch you next time! 🎮