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May Tokyo Indies


It was another exciting month for Tokyo Indies, featuring penguins, wizards, and friendly shiba inus. Read on to see what games we had!

VRAM is a new event for game doujin of all types being held at Big Site on June 3.

Orange discussed development of his clicker shmup uVu - yoU Versus Universe.

adachi_c presented Tactical Battle, a tactics RPG currently available on Android.

Marco Llano gave a demo about creating interactive music and SFX for games.

Hojo Games showed off The Misanthropic Girl, a 3D action game for PC. A demo was just released this month and can be downloaded here.

New Deer presented My Exercise, a game about an unusual fitness routine.

Tatsuya Uchida showed off his mobile rhythm game PARADE! and dicussed its development and reception since release, including his top placement at the recent Google Indies Games Festival.

That was it for this month - catch you next time! 🎮