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January Tokyo Indies


Happy New Year! Tokyo Indies wishes all of you a great 2018. This month started off with great presentations - read on to find out about them!

First up Coallin Xuan gave a presentation about how to sell games in China. Since going through government censors is mandatory a publisher is legally required. While this has historically been a burden for Indies, TenCent has a new program to make it easier to get started.

Dungeon Rankers by Dead.Fish.Eye is a roguelike for Android and iOS. Unlike most traditional roguelikes, your goal isn't to reach the bottom of the dungeon, but instead to beat out 98 NPCs in a battle royale.

Next up Ruben presented Daemon vs Demon, a top-down action game made for the Github Game Off Jam.

Black Knight, the chess inspired earth defense game by Re:Arium presented a few months ago at Tokyo Indies, has been officially released! It's available for iOS and Android.

Pitmap by Shifutarou is a resource collection board game playable in your browser. You can get a full overview of its development history here.

Finally, Artifact Adventure by bluffman is a GameBoy-styled open-world JRPG.

That was it for the first meetup of 2018 - look forward to seeing you the rest of the year! 🎮