The next event is 1/15! Details here!

March Tokyo Indies


Winter's slowly ending as we gathered again in Shibuya for Tokyo Indies. This may have been our biggest event ever - read on to see what was shown!

First, some reminders about upcoming events:

The first presentation this time was Hanaji's Peko Peko Sushi, originally shown at Tokyo Indies in 2016, is approaching release! The new trailer was finished just a few hours before the event. (Note: The new trailer is still in a final round of editing, so the one below is from last year.)

Zoyander Street introduced his work-in-progress project creating interactive portraits in PICO-8 based on interviews with transgender people in Tokyo. While the trailer is still in early development, a provisional trailer can be viewed here.

Kobin showed off Miracle Tic Tac Toe, a game designed to deal with the pointlessness of the old fasion tic-tac-toe rules. When marking a square there's a chance it'll move, and players also have skills they can use to influence the game in unique ways.

Luis of Shinyuden presented Heroes Trials, an action RPG with shmup elements that's been in development for three years. You take control of the two protagonists, each with a different play style, as they go on a quest to become heroes. Learn more at the official site!

Finally, there was a presentation about Google's upcoming Indie Games Festival. Any game released in the past year on the Play Store is eligible for various prizes such as having Kizuna Ai play your game, and submissions are open until 3/25.

Also, thanks to great participation, starting next month the event will be held on the first floor of Fab Cafe instead of the second. Don't get lost!

That was all for next month - see you next time! 🎮