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April Tokyo Indies


This month marked Tokyo Indies move to the first floor of Fab Cafe for regular events - the big screens and open space were much appreciated. Read on to see what was presented this month!

First up this month was DNA Softwares presenting their New Standard Mahjong. While they're previously made an anything-goes Touhou mahjong game, this time they decided to make a game that could be played seriously using standard rules. That didn't prevent them from adding options for more unusual rules or Unity-chan though.

Next up NOEL presented Legend of Networks. While taking inspiration from classic strategy games, it actually began as a collaboration between members of a research group as a project to build an interesting AI. A demo is available and they're aiming for release at Comiket.

Ghost Hospital is an RPG Maker horror-comedy game about exploring a mystery in a hospital only ghosts can enter. A demo is available on Nico Nico's Atsumaru platform, and it's aiming for a free release around the end of this year.

Space Cats Battle is an "io game", kind of like multiplayer Snake on an infinite field. You control a cat that grows progressively longer by defeating other cats or catching mice.

Yume Core by Taka Yakata is a brawler about a girl in a hospital exploring its mirror version and fighting monsters while she dreams.

Phrase Fight by Very OK is a rhythm fighting game designed to be enjoyed by players of different skill levels. A demo is available from the game page and it's on sale on DLSite with releases on other platforms and an English version in the works. An English guide to playing the demo and some more details can be found here.

Miyamoto by Hideki Hanida is a card-based battle game on a small field, combining lovely low-poly graphics, a traditional Japanese setting, and tense strategy.

That was it for this month's Tokyo Indies - catch you next month! 🎮