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Pre-TGS Tokyo Indies


In preparation for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, this month's Tokyo Indies was even bigger than usual. Thanks to all our regulars and special overseas visitors for coming by! Thanks also to WBS for coming by for a segment on game creators. Also thanks to everyone who came to the IGDA Localization Roundtable before the event!

Thanks to everyone who demoed!

The first presentation this time was Hamazaki Factory's Black Blood Breaker, an in-development 3D action mobile game that can be played with one hand. For more information and updates check out his blog.

Next up Nomana Machida presented the in-development twin-stick roguelike NOAH: The Gunslinger Witch.

Undercoders presented their upcoming sidescroller Superepic: The Entertainment Wars. In the grim future of the year 2984, only one game company remains. You play as a tanuki and alpaca teaming up to save the world of games!

For the final presentation, Omoplata Games presented Sweep-It!, a turn-based platformer about a janitor who can control the flow of time.

That was all for this month's Tokyo Indies - catch you next time! 🎮