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May Report: Tarotica Voo Doo, Bazookrash, Tiltank, Arika the black wing, Earth Defense Satellite


This month's Tokyo Indies started out with an announcement that TPM.CO's MSX game Tarotica Voo Doo is getting a Steam release! This game has been presented at Tokyo Indies several times before, as well as at TGS and other events; if you're not familiar with it take a look at the trailer.

Next up, Luis Garcia presented his game Bazookrash. In Bazookrash, the main character is the bear Morlando, who snaps after noisy cars in his neighborhood keep him from sleeping at night. Your objective is to use a bazooka to blow up the noisy cars.

After that Kero XP showed off his in-development mobile game ARIKA the black wing. In the game, you control girls with wings flying upwards while avoiding obstacles. He also showed the custom animation system he developed to give the characters a variety of facial expressions and natural movement.

Next Kato Syun showed off his in-development mobile game Tiltank. In Tiltank you must move your tank left and right in the foreground while shooting at enemies in the background.

For the last presentation, Nikaido Renji showed off Earth Defense Satellite, a game about using the moon as a weapon against aliens attacking earth. By using the power of gravity you swing the moon into enemies.

That was it for this month's Tokyo Indies. Catch you next month! 🎮