January Tokyo Indies


2019 is off to a great start with Tokyo Indies! Starting off with several announcements and opportunities for the year, the games included a hamster simulator, low-ammo shmup, sci-fi fps, and other delights.

Tokyo Sandbox is accepting applications until February 20th! The event will be held April 6&7 at Belle Salle in Akihabara; check the homepage for more details.

Strange Telephone version 2.0 has been released. It's available for PCs and smartphones in Japanese and English, so if you haven't played it yet there's never been a better time to pick up the receiver.

Pixiv is holding an online-only doujin event, the Booth Festival of Digital Games, in March. Check their site for details.

Next up a member of Fontworks introduced their mojimo-game service, which provides commercial licenses for twelve Japanese fonts at reasonable annual rates. While their licenses are affordable for indies they've also provided licenses to large companies like Square Enix and Type-Moon.

Mochi presented "Together with Moi-chan", a relaxing clicker game about raising a guinea pig. Check out her YouTube channel for updates on development.

Oleg Klaus gave a demo of SWORDSHOT, a shmup that's a series of bossfights where each battle you only have seven shots.

Ryan Roth showed Void Bastards, a comic-book styled sci-fi strategic FPS. His presentation focused on the audio design.

Tako Studio talked about Minimal Move, a 3D cooperative puzzle game. Two characters, each with a unique power, move blocks to clear stages.

That was all for this month, see you next month! 🎮